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error code 11 could not apply signature

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Topic: error code 11 could not apply signature
Posted By: dsnglfedh
Subject: error code 11 could not apply signature
Date Posted: 03 Nov 22 at 9:38AM
using Debenu 18.11 getting error while calling sign process

"Could not apply signature". error code 11. from the GetSignProcessResult.

  DPL.SetSignProcessPFXFromStream(SignProcessID, KeyStream, password);
  DPL.SetSignProcessInfo(SignProcessID, Reason, Location, ContactInfo);
  DPL.SetSignProcessField(SignProcessID, 'DigitalSignature');
  DPL.SetSignProcessFieldBounds(SignProcessID, SignLogoLeft, SignLogoTop, 95, 60);  
  DPL.SetSignProcessFieldImageFromStream(SignProcessID, Stream, 0);
  DPL.AddSignProcessOverlayText(SignProcessID, 27, 0, 8, 'Declatrion', DateTimeOfSeal);
  DPL.EndSignProcessToFile(SignProcessID, DocumentPath + postfixFileName);

  // answer here is 11 and not 1.

what could be the reason. or how to investigate this case?

Posted By: Ingo
Date Posted: 03 Nov 22 at 10:49AM
Hi Barak :)

After each call you can insert a LastErrorCode to check where's the first error in this process.
The 11 at the end is only a common error which helps less ;-)
What can help: What are the properties of the pdf-file? In which path the file is processed? How are the policies there?

Cheers and welcome here,


Posted By: dsnglfedh
Date Posted: 06 Nov 22 at 9:00AM
Thank you for the reply. Adding 

yields a '01' 
which is not in the manual:  LastErrorCode page 532 out of 950. pdf 12.12 referance

the error code is after 

Posted By: tfrost
Date Posted: 06 Nov 22 at 12:40PM
Please show the actual code where you call the LastErrorCode function and display its return value. In my source version of QPDF there is nowhere that this value is set to 1. And since it is an integer, how did its value become '01'? Note also that when you call the function, the internal value it reports is zeroized after the result is set, so you must check or display it after each call.

Posted By: Ingo
Date Posted: 06 Nov 22 at 3:25PM
The returning value from LastErrorCode is always a three digits value.
My sugestion was to insert a lasterrorcode after EACH function call to know directly where's something wrong the very first time.


Posted By: dsnglfedh
Date Posted: 07 Nov 22 at 8:59AM
Sorry i read the log wrongly.
all the last error code is 0.

the debug is :
1 added DigitalSignature field. Last Error Code:0
1 postion. Last Error Code:0
1 image. Last Error Code:0
1 text overlay. Last Error Code:0
0 End sign process. Last Error Code:0
11 GetSignProcessResult.LastErrorCode:0
11 write to file 
1 release

At the Site we asked to configuring the anti-virus to exclude the folder. and it works.Confused

Thank you for all the answers.

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