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Problems with large files.

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Topic: Problems with large files.
Posted By: Pulkitsoft
Subject: Problems with large files.
Date Posted: 02 Apr 23 at 1:07PM
I have been working with Debenu for a long while. I am using the 64-bit version.

I Failed to open the file when the size is more than>2 GB. Some forums and users suggested using the DA function. DA has limited functions my requirement is not fulfilled it. 

I need open larger file and write text, create hyperlinks and bookmark into it.

My machine already has an Intel core i7 with 16 Gb RAM configured.

Can anybody please help and suggest what I do? Thanks in advance.

Posted By: tfrost
Date Posted: 02 Apr 23 at 4:51PM
What error number or message do you get when you try to open the file?  Do you have the source code version of QPDF?  Which version of QPDF are you using, and with which programming language?  If you get an exception, what is the call stack in the debugger? I have no files over 2GB to test with, but with some information about the actual problem I might be able to find where it happens in the source, and there is then a (very small) chance that this might lead you to a workaround.

Posted By: Pulkitsoft
Date Posted: 02 Apr 23 at 6:02PM
 I am using 64 bit version of Windows 10 Pro.
 I am using 64 bit version of Visual Studio 2022.
 I am using 64 bit version of DebenuPDFLibrary64AX1811  , ActiveX version (COM) added it from visual studio>references.

Programming language : C#.NET

DebenuPDFLibrary64AX1811.PDFLibrary PdfLib = new DebenuPDFLibrary64AX1811.PDFLibrary();

    PdfLib = new PDFLibrary();
    RetVal = PdfLib.LoadFromFile(@"c:\test\test.pdf", ""); // test.pdf is more than 2 GB in size
    //RetVal always return 0
    //No any other error throw by system.

Please suggest any ideas and clues if you have any, I am stuck on an important project. Please help.

Posted By: tfrost
Date Posted: 03 Apr 23 at 12:44PM
If RetVal is zero you should at least try calling LastErrorCode to determine the reason. It may just be the (unhelpful) '401 - unable to open', but if not, it might help. Otherwise, since I do not use the ActiveX version, I may not be able to contribute much more, but perhaps someone else here may be able to.  The possible results from LastErrorCode are documented in the PDF manual.

Posted By: Pulkitsoft
Date Posted: 03 Apr 23 at 2:35PM

The last error code is 401. The pdf opens successfully in Adobe reader, Nitro and Foxit.

Posted By: tfrost
Date Posted: 03 Apr 23 at 5:49PM
OK, then I am just about out of bullets. A 2GB PDF must be a fairly rare beast in the wild (and rightly so), but if you  had one that someone here with source could download, it might be worth attempting to load it in a Delph program, in which the debugger would then show the exact place of failure (if it fails). However if it succeeds, it would not help you much if you are obliged to use the ActiveX. And if it fails, then without the source you would not not be much further forward either.

Posted By: Ingo
Date Posted: 03 Apr 23 at 10:25PM
Hi Ram :)

I'm a real fan using this library but...
Sometimes in the past we already had performance- and memoryusage-discussions using very, very large files.
And a monster with 2 GB... ?!
I think you should stop your tests.
I don't have too much hope that you could succeed.
Sorry for my opinion but this opinion could be a time saver for you ;-)


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