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Quick PDF end of life

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Topic: Quick PDF end of life
Posted By: quickpdfdeveloper
Subject: Quick PDF end of life
Date Posted: 10 Dec 21 at 9:51PM
I've just received an email from Foxit saying that the Quick PDF Library is being discontinued. See" rel="nofollow - Quick PDF End-of-Life announcement

I can't say that I'm totally surprised, but I am of course very disappointed.

They say that they have alternative products, e.g., "Foxit PDF SDK", that can be used but give no prices and no license terms (e.g., whether they are royalty free or not). Does anyone know about the prices and terms?

Posted By: Sopracenery
Date Posted: 11 Dec 21 at 8:52PM
 Foxit PDF SDK

... is something totally different and it is licenced by a anual rental fee of $3000 per year!
So here with quickpdflibrary you pay $500 once for lifetime and there you pay only the half -
but unfortunately every month!

Foxit PDF SDK Pricing Overview

Licensing PDF SDK


On Premise
per platform/per year" rel="nofollow -

Let‘s hope and pray that someone takes over the sources and continues the library...

Posted By: mLipok
Date Posted: 12 Dec 21 at 7:41PM
There are a few of problems with this.

1. Foxit SDK does not have all the features of QuickPDF, or at least that were my conclusions a few years ago when I tried to compare them.

2. It would take me at least 2 months of intensive work to rewrite all the functionalities implemented with QuickPDF to Foxit SDK.

3. Price is not the only problem, the bigger is the lack of royalty free options. You always have to use Request QUOTE, i.e. you will be counted for each end customer.

Here you can find description how to test my examples:

Posted By: Ingo
Date Posted: 13 Dec 21 at 8:01PM
This situation we had already up to 2007.
Kevin Newman was the only developer and publisher of QuickPDF.
His limited resources as a one-man-company (i think so) leads into a lack of support. In the end he completely stopped further developement and stopped answering questions.
We were a small group of developers using QuickPDF in our own projects.
From 2007 on we've tried to get in contact in many ways with Kevin to buy the library rights from him but he never answered.
From 2006 up to 2009 we've adapted more and more new functionalities into this library.
Each developer with a proof of purchase for the original compiled or the source version got the new version from us.
On this website we offered support by our own (from users to users).
In the end of 2008 we've got messages from Karl de Abrew (R.I.P) and Rowan Hanna - well known pdf-pioneers. They've established a new company (Debenu) and bought the complete rights of the library from Kevin (we all were wondering how they managed it cause we hadn't success in doing the same for a long time).
Our small group got a lifetime source license from Debenu - that was all.
Debenu hired a developer team from Czechoslovakia, take over our further developement and began publishing the library.
Years ago most of the initial Debenu-team like Karl, his wife and Rowan changed with QuickPDF under the roof of the Foxit company... This was the reason slow down for support and further developement and leads to the actual situation.
It is a shame about this extensive yet slim library - the stroke of fate a second time now :(
A month ago i've made a complete copy of this website with all pdf-resources and reference guide and so on. So we'll look forward to December, 2022...
I'm very dissapointed but... Maybe some things can be repeated several times... ;-)


Posted By: Sopracenery
Date Posted: 14 Dec 21 at 5:05PM
Hi Ingo,

thanks for this historical review and background infos.

I do not believe that anyone without millions of $ could get the rights back from Foxit as they have their own agenda with the takeover of Debenu and staff. E.g. exterminate competitors...

But I am very much interested in „Each developer with a proof of purchase for the original compiled or the source version got the new version from us.“

How could this be handled in the future?

Is there still a group who is able and willing to maintain the library?

For the moment I am fine with 18.11
But in some years it could be important that bugs and new standards are addressed with some corrections.

I tried to get the source version now as immediate action.
But I do not find a link for download or purchase anymore.


Posted By: Ingo
Date Posted: 14 Dec 21 at 8:05PM
Hi Martin,

seems that even using the wayback machine there isn't any forgotten link for buying the library now.
The other things were things from the past - i don't wanna do it again... it's a lot of work and we've stopped in 2009 ;-)
But further things shouldn't be discussed here (there's no problem to find me on the web ;-)


Posted By: rweetch
Date Posted: 20 Dec 21 at 10:35AM
should we look at moving the group to somewhere else - like Delphi Praxis/Third Party?

I think those of us with source code could publish updates that others could copy when it becomes necessary

Posted By: mLipok
Date Posted: 20 Dec 21 at 12:19PM
I remember that when chilkat gave up his own forum, he switched to stack sites.

Maybe we create new tag in

Here you can find description how to test my examples:

Posted By: Ingo
Date Posted: 20 Dec 21 at 6:32PM
I like this visual style here a lot.
Stackoverflow i don't like at all.
If we wanna move we shouldn't wait too long - so we still have the chance to announce the new forum-link here.
There are many ready-made free (but with ads) forum- or community-options online.
Any suggestions?
If we have enough suggestions we can initiate a voting and then we can build the new community.
We shouldn't forget gathering the members being busy here the last year to let them now about how it's going on in the future.
Are there any other opinions on this matter?


Posted By: reallyethical
Date Posted: 21 Dec 21 at 4:18PM
Did you have any joy from Foxit, it would appear every department has been closed between 05:00 and 16:00 UTC today. As the HQ is California we will keep trying until UTC 20:00

Posted By: Ulrich Blomeyer
Date Posted: 21 Dec 21 at 7:13PM
In my opinion, a membership only makes sense if you are in possession of the source code. We have a license of the version (without source code). We have written to Foxit several times to buy the source code. But without any answer.

Posted By: Ingo
Date Posted: 21 Dec 21 at 10:28PM
We also have users with a source license - due to this a compile job for the owners of a compiled version shouldn't be a problem ;-)
I've described what we can do.
In the moment this website suddenly dissapears i'll start a new forum/community and let you know where to find and there we'll maintain the library by ourselves for ourselves.


Posted By: Ulrich Blomeyer
Date Posted: 22 Dec 21 at 8:27AM
Hello Ingo,
thank you very much for the information.

I had planned to switch some projects from Delphi 10.4.2 to Delphi 11 between Christmas and New Year. Is there any way to get an installation package of "quick pdf library" for Delphi 11 without violating license terms?

As already mentioned, we use version 18.11 .

Kind regards

Posted By: Ingo
Date Posted: 22 Dec 21 at 9:39AM
Hi Ulrich,

so we need somebody with a source license AND a Delphi 11 Installation AND time to do it ;-)
Don't think there's somebody doing it between Christmas and New Years Eve. Perhaps in January it's better...


Posted By: reallyethical
Date Posted: 22 Dec 21 at 10:14AM
All that is needed is a DCU, we are in the same situation, though if Foxit actually respond to emails, cases or calls to sell us the source, we will of course be kind and make the DCU available for 11 based on the current version. Hopefully this would allow anyone that has a licenced version us it. 

If anyone is able to share a DCU before us I would be greatful. 

Posted By: tfrost
Date Posted: 01 Jan 22 at 10:14PM
As I said somewhere else here, we have licenced QPDF source and I test-built the DCUs with Delphi 11.  BUT (a) our source is only 16.11, not 18.11, and Foxit have not responded to two requests I have made to supply an upgrade; (b) I have not had time to do any serious testing, only enough to make sure it works in some simple checks; and (c) I believe that sharing the DCU and all the OBJ files (for which there is no source supplied) would be a breach of the licence. So sorry, I cannot risk doing what you ask at this stage, and I feel that even discussing this type of action here might not be welcomed by Foxit. Of course this might change if the product has become abandonware.

Posted By: kalypso
Date Posted: 05 Jan 22 at 12:38PM
I am also a long time user of QuickPDFLibrary...should the forum move, please take me with you and send me the link...where it continues. I am of course interested in getting the DCUs for Delphi 11 as well....

Posted By: Ryszard
Date Posted: 05 Jan 22 at 8:20PM
reallyethical chased for contact details over the holiday for our company.

We purchased full source today. 

With the exception of one miss type in DebenuPDFLibrary.pas, it appears to compiles and run without error in Delphi 11. 

Price appears dependent on license but is very reasonable.

Contact: leonardo_martello at

unit DebenuPDFLibrary;



  LibVer: AnsiString = '18.22';
  LibVerNum = 18.22;

  TDebenuPDFLibrary = class(TDebenuPDFLibrary1822);



Posted By: swb1
Date Posted: 05 Jan 22 at 9:18PM
Leonardo has not responded any of my emails for about a year and a half, though, to be fair, I was asking about support and that was not Leonardo's department.  
I have 18.11 source. I am curious what changes are in 18.22. 

Posted By: kalypso
Date Posted: 06 Jan 22 at 9:54AM
I think they are only working off certain companies or programmers that could not be a threat to them as a competitor in the long term. If reallyethical was lucky here too, that doesn't seem to apply to many others (including me). Therefore, contacting Leonardo from FoxIt is probably not an option in the long run. I did that too, without it coincides with the experience of swb1 ...

Posted By: rweetch
Date Posted: 04 Apr 22 at 12:50PM
I'm not sure if an alternative chat site has been set up, but as an interim I have set up a LinkedIn group

Posted By: Ingo
Date Posted: 04 Apr 22 at 12:59PM
Hi Russel,

but that's not the same like being here in the community and forum?
I'm gathering all contact data of the interesting users of the library and if THIS forum here dissapears i'll open a new forum for us sending info-emails to the usrs.
But as far as this forum hr is online i think w should stay her. New users of th library will googel for resources and they will land here - so i think we should stay as long as possible.


Posted By: tfrost
Date Posted: 04 Apr 22 at 3:29PM
I agree with Ingo. I do not use LinkedIn and am unlikely to visit a forum there, so I will stay here while I can. And while THIS forum continues to exist (which of course may not be for long) this is the one place that has all the historical answers to search through. Although I find the search here has some limitations, it is sometimes a useful resource, and one not replicated in any new forum.

Its also worth noting that the last good Internet Archive scan of this forum seems to have been in August 2021. After that the scans redirect to Foxit; the home page is missing and with it its link to the forum. And the wayback machine would be much harder to search than here. So if this forum shuts down, the history may be the most important element that we lose.

Posted By: Bytecook
Date Posted: 05 Apr 22 at 8:46AM
Hey guys, does anybody have a valid support mail from FoxIt?

I try to get the latest source for months now, no reaction, I have that "Premium Upgrade Protection Subscription" but I was not able to reach anybody for the latest version. 


Posted By: Ingo
Date Posted: 05 Apr 22 at 4:17PM
Hi Peter,

this are my two reliable email-adresses regarding QuickPDF at Foxit:

Cheers and welcome here,


Posted By: tfrost
Date Posted: 05 Apr 22 at 4:18PM
You could try Leonardo Martello <>. He has published his e-mail address in this forum in the past as a contact point.  His title was still "Renewals Account Manager" in January this year, but I guess the concept of renewals for QPDF is no more.  If you are in Europe I have a couple of other names from Foxit's Ireland and Germany offices, but they are 'Foxit people' who gave the impression of not knowing much about QPDF.

Posted By: rweetch
Date Posted: 06 Apr 22 at 12:39AM
I managed to contact Leonardo when I wanted to upgrade to source code a couple of months back. Maybe they are quicker if you want to spend money.

Posted By: carriola5
Date Posted: 24 May 22 at 10:29AM
Good morning,

I wanted to know if there is any hope of having the QuickPDf 18.11 libraries compiled for Delphi 11 Alexandria. Or if is there a chance to buy the sources from someone?

I am very desperate as it is not possible to use it in with the latest version of delphi. This is very sad and unfair :(


Posted By: rweetch
Date Posted: 24 May 22 at 12:35PM
I think it unlikely that they would, but even if they did it this time it wouldn't help in future. I purchased the source code from them so you should be able to as well I would think. I contacted to do this,

Posted By: Ingo
Date Posted: 24 May 22 at 10:31PM
Originally posted by carriola5 carriola5 wrote:

Good morning,

I wanted to know if there is any hope of having the QuickPDf 18.11 libraries compiled for Delphi 11 Alexandria. Or if is there a chance to buy the sources from someone?

I am very desperate as it is not possible to use it in with the latest version of delphi. This is very sad and unfair :(


Hi :)

Perhaps you'l find a QuickPDF-user with a source license and Delphi 11 Alexandria.
Who's reading here...?
Give yourself a kick and help ;-)

Cheers and welcome here,


Posted By: rweetch
Date Posted: 24 May 22 at 10:52PM
wouldn't that be in breach of the license?

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