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Image Resizing

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Topic: Image Resizing
Posted By: LaGatorVII
Subject: Image Resizing
Date Posted: 06 Jul 21 at 6:57PM
I have a PDF builder application written in C++ Builder 10.3 that uses Debenu PDF Library DLL. The user fills in SQL data and uploads images. I create PDFs using the builder in pieces and then assemble them. 

My issue is that with up to 30 .jpg files the resulting PDFs are too large to email. The user has to open each and "optimize" with Adobe. 

I am looking for a way to automate the optimize process or perhaps resize the images when they are added to the photo PDFs. I am even trying to call all of the available compression routines but they seem to do nothing. 

Code snippets below. Any help appreciated. 



Code when adding an image to the PDF: 
DPL.AddImageFromFile(s_image_file.w_str(), 0);
DPL.DrawImage(300, 110, 275, 275);
DPL.DrawWrappedText(20,120, 270, s_image_desctiption.w_str());
DPL.AddImageFromFile(s_image_file.w_str(), 0);
DPL.DrawImage(300, 415, 275, 275);
DPL.DrawWrappedText(20,425, 270, s_image_desctiption.w_str());

This will create a 1 page PDF 2 images per page. I then merge all pages (report and images) together. 

Code when combining all PDFs (including the one created above) into a single report PDF. 

DebenuPDFLibraryDLL1611 DPL = DebenuPDFLibraryDLL1611::DebenuPDFLibraryDLL1611(L"DebenuPDFLibraryDLL1611.dll");
int i = 0;
int i_count = mPDFFileList->Count;
DPL.AddToFileList(L"FilesToMerge", mPDFFileList->Strings.w_str());
if(GetFileAttributesA(AnsiOf(s_diagram.c_str())) != INVALID_FILE_ATTRIBUTES)
DPL.AddToFileList(L"FilesToMerge", s_diagram.w_str());

DPL.MergeFileList(L"FilesToMerge", s_full_report.w_str());

Posted By: LaGatorVII
Date Posted: 09 Nov 21 at 1:03PM
Well I didn't get any assistance but in case someone else has this problem. This issue was not with images. The PDFs were inflated by added a true type font.  

Posted By: Ingo
Date Posted: 09 Nov 21 at 7:14PM
Hi Robert,

it's important at which code part you're using the compress functionality.
Have a look here... perhaps it helps:
BTW: Compress will have no influence on jpg cause it's already compressed.


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